Our mission is to introduce all New Zealanders to the benefits of using a gym.

It's often said that the hardest part of getting fit is simply starting. I experienced this first hand when back in 2012 I was trying to join a gym for the first time. I was surprised at just how difficult it was to find a gym that suited my needs; a gym that I was sure I would keep coming back to. Out of my frustration the idea for GymsNearMe was born.

Currently only 15.6 percent of New Zealanders belong to a gym, despite gym goers being 14 times more likely to acheive the recommended weekly levels of physical activity. Our aim is to make fitness more accessible by alleviating the time, hassle and risk associated with joining a new gym.

For people looking for a new gym we offer New Zealand’s largest range of fitness providers, a unique filtering system, member reviews and carefully crafted gym profile pages that provide all the information gym goers need to quickly make an informed decision.

For gyms looking for new members we take the guesswork, time and cost out of marketing their gym so their gym's success doesn't depend on the size of their marketing budget and so they can spend more time helping their members to achieve great results.

Brent Wilson